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The following items are offered to COSSU members.  If you are not a COSSU member and still wish to purchase these items, please add 10% to the prices below (translation... how about joining COSSU!)

Chesstamp Review #159 (Jul-Sep 2015) / Society Sales Service #159
Many unsold lots from Auctions 151-158 remain available, now at 10% less than the posted minimum bid. Contact the editor if you are interested. Items from John Oberg's collection and Richard Robertson Collection are on offer - please see the PDF with lists, descriptions and prices.

Chess on Stamp Publications and Literature Stanley Gibbons Collect Chess on Stamps 1st edition, 1992                 $10
Stanley Gibbons Collect Chess on Stamps 2nd edition,1999                 $10
Domfil  Chess Catalog, 1st edition, 2000              $15
P.C. Burnett, Chess on Stamps, 1972       $18
P.C. Burnett, Chess on Stamps, 1972 privately bound        $25
Klaus Henninger ChessStamp Catalog (loose pages to 1993)                 $20
Russian chesstamp catalog 1984 (original paper bound) $25
  as above, a copy, spiral bound $18
Checkmate Catalog, parts 1-4, original as issued $55
Zdenko Kristofor, Dubrovnik , 1950 u Filateliji, 2011 $45 The Chess Arts, a full run, numbers 25-55 (1973-1977) $60
Chesstamp Informant, a full run, no. 1-24 (1969-1972) $75
Minkus Stamp Journal, 1971 Vol.6 No 4
   Chess on Stamp article by C.S. Edwards, Jr. $10

Special items

France 1966 Scott 1154 Deluxe sheet $250
Mali 1973 Scott C172-73 Deluxe sheets $85
Dahomey 1974 Scott C204-205 Deluxe sheets $95 France 1966 Scott 1154 imperf single $95
Mali 1973 Scott C172-73 corner imperf pairs plate no. $85
Mali 1973 Scott C172-73 Plate block of 4 perf double margin $40
Monaco 1967 Scott 664 trial color imperf (light blue) $50
Fischer-Spassky match game ticket (Game #1) $70

Munich 30.9.58 postmark Checkmate 65 cut square with David Bronstein autograph $65
USSR 1974 postal stationery Karpov-Kortchnoi match, signed by both players $15
Philippines 1978 2v FDC (Baguio City) signed Kortchnoi $18
Jugoslavia 1950 Dubrovnik Olympiad FDC of 5v (English text) signed by Gligorich $120

Rare postmarks (scans available on request)

Ckmt 2: Kecskemet July 1927 roller postmark, nice strike                 $120
Ckmt 4: #4 Czechoslovakia, 19 Aug, 1933, Mnichowa Hradiste, Czech Chess Congress and Championship, two very clean cancels from the last day of issue on European-sized envelope tied to Czechoslovakia (Scott 154), unsent         $120 Ckmt 5: Poland, 28 August, 1935, 6th Chess Congress won by the USA team (Fine, Marshall, Kupchik, Dake, Horowitz), Warsaw, unaddressed European-sized env. with two red cancels, one tied to Poland (Scott 285), both cancels with the familiar ding in the upper left corner of the postmark caused when a postal official accidentally dropped the stamper.  $380
Ckmt 6: Russia, 19 May, 1936, 3rd International Tournament, postally used three cancels (two are well struck) tied to Russia (3x Scott 584; 1x Scott 586) with backstamp Moscow on June 6, 1936 and postal service marker. The European sized envelope cover has two minor tears at the top edge and one on the left edge, some bleaching near the stamps, interesting official postal handstamp on left of cover is faded but will be readable by a fluent Russian speaker. $575
Ckmt 9: Sweden, 31 July, 1937, 7th Chess Olympiad and Women’s World Championship (USA team won the Olympiad, Vera Menchik won the Women’s title), Stockholm, postally used on the first day of cancel use to Stockholm, five cancels, one tied to Sweden (Scott 252) $200 Ckmt 14: Weissenfels 13.6.1947 $40
Ckkmt 18: Germany, Endingen, 19.10.47 on event cachet $65
Ckmt 19: Germany, Schwabisch Hall, set of 4 colored envelopes each with a different printed chess problem on the reverse $60
Ckmt 23: Bratislava Czecvh Chess Congress and Championship purple $75
Ckmt 27: West Germany, 15 Jul, 1949, Prum, International Tournament, two cancels on European sized envelope tied to Germany Rhine Palatinate (Scott 6N31), postally used.  I have never seen a clean strike of the Prum cancel and this is no exception.  Both are fully readable but have a faded appearance.  Prum is one of the rarest chess covers, very rarely seen for sale, with perhaps 20 known. $1,000
Ckmt 42 Jugoslavia, 9-26 May, 1954, Hercegnovi, Women’s Zonal Tournament, clean black cancel tied to Jugoslavia (Scott 395) on addressed European-sized envelope to Belgrade. $240 Ckmt 44: 2 Oct, 1954, Portoroz, International Team Competition, two black cancels tied on an addressed, European-sized envelope with two backstamps in Belgrade of 4 Oct and 5 Oct, 1954 $750
Ckmt 46B E. Germany, 30.9.1955, Erfurt, International Tournament, clean cancel on addressed envelope to Weilbach, tied to DDR (Scott 254) $1,000
Ckmt 81a USSR 1961 World Championship first day signed by Tal $45
#212: Austria, 15 Jul, 1968, Ybbs, 15th World Student Ch., roller type cancel on unaddressed European sized envelope. Very rare $350

First Day Covers

Jugoslavia 1950 5v on Registered FDC (English text, red cancel)  $80
  on five maxicards, red cancel           $75
Hungary 1953, set of 7v perf on registered FDC to Budpest                 $120
Malta 1980 3v on registered FDC (Valetta) sent to Hand Ulfstrommer, author the Checkmate catalog          $25
Finland 1952 1v on four different cachets types $7 each or all four for $25
Bulgaria 1958 1v FDC with ckmt 60b $25
China 1986 FDC of 4v $25
Afghanistan 1989 set of 7v, purple FDC cancel $15

From the Victor Lopez Collection

Jugoslavia 5v 1950 Dubrovnik $25
Israel 1964 FDC of 2v on official cachet, signed by S Reshevsky $55
W. Germany 2.11.1964, Munich 50 red meter for Olympiad $15
USSU, Ckmt 82 pm Lvov 29.5.1961 $30
USSR, pm Lvov 23.6.1962 Match v Yugoslavia, rare cachet $20
Czechoslavakia 1985 1v Maxicard $4
Indonesia 1973 1v, corner block of 4 MNH $25
USSR 1962 1v Erevan 30th USSR Championship on FDC $4
* One page from Lopez collection with two USSR 1966 issues portraying World Championship medals, a FDC of Scott 3213, and a cut square with Moscow chess pm cut square 3.6.1966 $7
* One page from the Lopez collection featuring Scott 3213, Scott 2742 perf and imperf and the 1982 USSR postal stationary featuring the World Championship medal $7
Sweden, Lidkoping non-postal marker, 25.6.1944 $35
USSR black meter used by the Central Chess Club of the USSR, Ckmt M13a, postally used 8.9.1970 $15
Full sheet of 25 (full margins) of the 1966(?) Danish vignette (Play Chess in the Danish Chess Federation) $35
Surinam1975 Full sheet with chess in margin (rare) $80
Iceland, 1v Scott 442 on registered FDC sent to Arno Bedarke 2.7.1972 with chess “skak” registration label $25
W. Germany pm Siegen 23.9.1970 with chess registration label ckmt 297 b,c sent to Arno Bedarke $20
Cachet commemorating the Fischer-Larsen match designed by Victor Lopez sent 6.7.1971 to Bob Long (Chesstamp) $10 
Monaco 1967 block of 4 with nice margins on one edge                 $8
Argentina 1987 FDC of 1v Jorge Borges (cachet has his chess poem)     $3
Hungary 19850 Candidates set of 3v with nice margins     $15
Yemen 1967 1v perf and 1v imperf on official FDC, black cancel                 $15
Czechoslavakia 1973 Prague Castle sheetlet of 4v MNH                 $18
Brazil 4.10.1969 pm showing skeletons playing chess     $3
Australia 1990 rare Hospice postal stat (seniors playing chess) mint $8
USSR Scott 1624 Workers playing chess MNH $20
Hungary 1953 Rest homes, 1v perf and 1v imperf $30  

The Nepal Postal Services Department has isssued a commemorative cover and postmark for the 1st Lalitpur Cup International Open Rating Chess Tournament. I believe that this is the very first chess postmark from Nepal.  I now have the cover for sale ... autographed by the competitors (!)... for just $10.  I also have covers autographed by the chief arbiter and another signed by the Youth and Sports Minister... $8 each.  Want just the simple cancel? One available at $3.

One of a kind offers

Here, it's first come, first served. Proceeds go to COSSU and help us to publish the review. Send all inquiries to jedwards@princeton.edu. Payment to the editor (but please reserve your purchase before remitting). Please add $2 ($4 international) for shipping to all orders. Add $2 if paying by Paypal. Full refund if not fully satisfied.

Czech 1954 Olympiad labels sheetlet 8 orange $12
   as above, but sheetlet of 8 in white $12
El Salvador 1977 set of 2v in corner blocks of 4 $15
Germany 1968, Lasker 1v in beautiful plate block of four  $20
Iran 1972 1v in corner block of 4 with wide margins $25
Israel 1976 limited edition page sized souvenir card
   with signature $10
Mali 1974 21st Olympiad in Nice, 1v perf $2
Mali 1974 imperf pair $15
Mali 1974 imperf single $8
Netherlands 1973 sheetlet of 6 (two are chess) $6
Netherlands Antilles 1962 3v FDC (rook and ships) $4
Nicaragua 1976 complete set of 11v in corner blk4! $50
Niger 1973 iv in block of 4 with tabs $20
Poland 1956 2v MNH $2.50
Russia  1967 set of 2v (one is checkers) Scott 3161-62  $1
Rumania 1966 set of 6v MNH $8
   set of 6v in blocks of 4 $30
Yemen 1967 set of 8v (one is chess) perf $10
   imperf $15
   Deluxe sheet $20
   Full set of 8v imperf in full sheets of 6  $85
   1972 set of 2v in sheets of 9v with chess text in margin $25

Available in quantity

Registered postmarks from Jugoslavia

Donji Milanovac, 25 Aug. 1980, Yugoslav Team Tournament $5.50
Smederevska Palanka, 13 Sep 1980, 4th International Women’s Tmt $8
Belgrade, 20 Oct. 1980, 6th Belgrade International $3
Vrnjacka Banja, 17 Nov. 1980, 10th Worker’s Chess Tmt $3
Jajce, 10 Jan 1981, 1st International Women’s Tourney $7
Vrnjacka Banja, 9 Apr 1981, 12th GM Tourney $6
Beograd, 8 Mar 1981, Women’s Chess Tourney $4
Smederevska Palanka, 6 Jun. 1981, 7th GM Tournament $5.50
Arandelovac, 16 Aug. 1981 1st Yugoslavia Team Tournament $6
Smederevo, 29 Aug, 1981, 1st International Chess Tournament $6
Vrsac, 12 Sep 1981, Bore Kostica Memorial, $10
Vrsac, 3 Oct 1983, Bore Kostica Memorial, $8
Vrnjacka Banja, 9 Apr. 1984, 15th International GM Tmt $5.50
Pula, 14 May 1984, 27th International Youth Day and Chess Festival (black and purple on one cover) $6
Beograd, 25 May, 1984, 2nd International GM Tmt, $6
Vrnjacka Banja, 30 Mar 1984, 15th International Chess Festival $6
Pula, 22 Sep 1984, 12th Worker’s Olympics $6
Bor, 13 Oct, 1984, 2nd GM Tournament $5.50
Beograd, 20 Oct. 1984, International Women’s Chess Tmt  $5.50
Vrnjacka Banja, 18 Nov 1984, Worker’s Championship $5.50
Beograd, 15 Nov 1984, 60th Anniversary of FIDE black cancel $5.50
Beograd, 15 Nov 1984, 60th Anniversary of FIDE purple cancel $7.50
Subotica, 22 Jun, 1987, Men’s Interzonal on large envelope $6
Beograd, 20 October, 1987, International GM Tourney, machine cancel $6
Beograd, 20 October, 1987, International GM Tourney, hand cancel $6
Beograd, 3 Nov, 1987, 1st JAT Open International, machine cancel $6
Beograd, 3 Nov, 1987, 1st JAT Open International, hand cancel $6
Vrsac, 15 Nov, 1987, Bore Kostica Memorial, $14
Novi Becej, 4 Jun, 1988, Open Tournament, machine cancel, $5.50
Novi Becej, 4 Jun, 1988, Open Tournament, hand cancel, $5.50
Pula, 23 May, 1988, 31st International Chess Festival, machine cancel $5
Pula, 23 May, 1988, 31st International Chess Festival, hand cancel $7
Novi Becej, 5 Jun, 1989, Open Tournament, $5

Bela Crkva, 27 Jan, 1985, 1st Laborer’s Tournament $6
Belgrade, 21 Feb, 1987 Women’s Chess Tournament $10
Vrnjacka Banja,  30 Mar, 1987 Serbia Workers’ Tournament $8
Vrnjacka Banja,  10 Apr, 1987 18th Chess Festival, GM tournament, $6
Pula, 18 May, 1987, 30th International Jubilee Team Chess Festival, hand $10
Pula, 18 May, 1987, 30th International Jubilee Team Chess Festival, machine$10
Bela Crkva, 30 June, 1987, First Great International Open, $8
Bela Crkva, 3 July, 1987, Senior Championship, semi-final  $7.50
Smederevska Palanka, 16 July, 1987, Women’s Interzonal, group 1, machine $7.50
Smederevska Palanka, 16 July, 1987, Women’s Interzonal, group 1, purple-hand $8
Pula, 19 Sep 1987, 15 Jubilee, Worker’s Chess Olympiad, machine cancel  $7.50
Pula, 19 Sep 1987, 15 Jubilee, Worker’s Chess Olympiad, hand cancel $8.00
Belgrade, 20 Oct, 1987, Grandmaster International Tournament, $8.00
Vrnjacka Banja, 15 Nov, 1987, 17th Yugoslavia Workers’ Chess, hand $8.00
Vrnjacka Banja, 15 Nov, 1987, 17th Yugoslavia Workers’ Chess, machine $12.00
Smederevska Palanka, 12 Dec, 1987, European Chess Team Champions, hand $8.00
Smederevska Palanka, 12 Dec, 1987, European Chess Team Champions, machine $8.00
Belgrade, 1 Feb, 1988, Karpov v Ljubojevic, hand $10.00
Belgrade, 1 Feb, 1988, Karpov v Ljubojevic, machine $12.00
Pula, 7 May, 1988 1st Open Championship in Active Chess, machine $7.50
Pula, 7 May, 1988 1st Open Championship in Active Chess, hand (6)
Pula, 11 May, 1988, 6th International Tournament $7.50
Pula, 25 May 1988, International Team Chess Competition, Chess Festival, machine $7.50
Pula, 25 May 1988, International Team Chess Competition, Chess Festival, hand $8.00
Radnicka, 24 Sep, 1988 Chess Olympiad $10.00|
Kastel Stari, 3 Oct, 1988, 20th Balkan Chess Games $10.00
Split, 6 Apr, 1989, 42nd Women’s Chess Championship, $10.00
Pula, 15 May, 1989, Chess Festival, hand $8.00
Belgrade, 1 Nov, 1989, International chess tournament, machine $10.00
Belgrade, 1 Nov, 1989, International chess tournament, hand $12.00
Pula, 23 Sep, 1989, Laborers’ Olympiad, type 1, $10.00
Pula, 23 Sep, 1989, Laborers’ Olympiad, type 2, machine $10.00
Pula, 23 Sep, 1989, Laborers’ Olympiad, type 2, hand $10.00


Bulgaria 2010 SS of 1v $3
CAR set of 6 SS of 4v each, $40
Chad 1998 SS 1v Luigi Serra painting The Chess Players $7
Congo 1999 sheetlet of 9v perf Europe echecs  $8
Congo 2000 sheetlet 6v perf chess art/posters $8
Guinea 2000 SS of 4v modern champions perf    $8
Macao 2000 SS medieval chess players in margin    $3
Mongolia 2001 sheetlet of 9v perf children and chess   $7
Mozambique 2000 sheetlet of 6v perf GMs of chess   $8
North Korea 2001 sheetlet of 9v 20th century champions    $12
Western Sahara 1995 sheetlet of 4v with plate numbers   $6
Guinee 1998 SS of 1v, perf, Philador 2,000f  $7
Guinee 1998 sheetlet 0f 9v perf(1v is Steinitz 300f)  $10
Guinee 1998 sheetlet of 9v perf (1v is Karpov 500f) $10
Mali 1998 sheetlet of 9v perf (pieces/sets) 100f-500f $10
Mali 1998 sheetlet of 9v perf (antique sets) 370f each $10
Mali 1998 sheetlet of 9v perf (GMs: Anderssen, Fischer, Kasparov) $10
C.A.R. 1998 sheetlet of 3v perf scouts playing chess $10

First Day Covers

Bulgaria 2010 1v on SS $3
Iceland 18 Sep, 2008 $3


Poland postmarks ($1.10 each, $2 for souvenir cachet)

Nakeczow 25Jul79
Krosno Odranski 22Mar83
Polanica Zdroj 3Aug83
Poznan 5Sep83
Bydgoszcz 11Sep83
Bydgoszcz 5Feb84
Andrychow 18Aug84
Nakeczow 15Jul84
Polanica Zdroj 4Aug84
Bydgoszcz 30Jan85
Bydgoszcz 22Sep85
Polanica Zdroj 8Apr85
Poznan 9Sep85
Bydgoszcz 2 Mar86
Bytom 02Feb86
Gdansk 20Apr86
Otwock 30May86
Bydgoszcz 2Feb87
Myslenice 4Apr87,
Polanica Zdroj 4Aug87
Rewal 10Sep87
Poznan 23Oct87
Bydgoszcz 7Apr88,
Myslenice 16Apr88
Polanica Zdroj 4Aug88
Poznan 12Sep88
Bytom 11Jun88,
Poznan 24Feb89
Chorzow 11Mar89
Polanica Zdroj 3-16Aug91
Polanica Zdroj 14Aug92
Polanica Zdroj 15Aug93
P. Zdroj 20Aug94
Ustron 30Apr94
Poznan 14Oct95
Polanica Zdroj 15Aug95
Zagan, 25Jun95
Lukow 25Nov95,
Polanica Zdroj 15Aug96
Bydosgzcz 9Jul99

Chess postmarks from Hungary (souvenir covers, $1.75 each)

Budapest, 1May91
Budapest, 18Jun91
Budapest, 3Jun91
Budapest, 14Sep91
Budapest, 10Oct91
Budapest, 21Sep91
Budapest, 7Nov91
Budapest, 3Oct92
Budapest, 31Oct92
Debrecen, 20Nov92
Gyula, Hungary 6Nov92
Budapest, 6Feb93
Budapest, 13Feb93
Budapest, 2-16Mar93
Budapest, 17Mar93
Budapest 17May93
Budapest, 16Jun93
Szombathely, Hungary 25Jun93
Gyula, Hungary 3Oct93
Budapest, 22Oct93 (Fischer)
Gyola 7 Nov94
Budapest 7Dec94
Budapest, 30May95
Budapest, 14Jun95
Budapest, 22Nov95
Budapest, 24Feb96
Budapest, 29Feb96
Budapest 23May96
Budapest, 9/15Oct96
Lakitelek, Hungary 9Aug96
Siofok, Hungary,5Sep96
Szekszard, Hungary,14Sep96
Budapest, 23Nov96 (EuroCup)
Budapest, 23Nov96
Budapest, 3Dec96
Budapest, 10Dec96
Mol, Hungary, 5Oct96
Budapest, 03Jun97
Budapest, 24Jun97
Blatonbereny,  24Jun97
Mor, 1Mar97
Budapest, 21Oct97
Koseg, 25Nov87
Budapest, 17Mar98
Budapest, 22 Apr98
Budapest, 24Jun98
Budapest, 9Jun98
Budapest, 27May98

Chess postmarks from India ($2.40 each)

Anna Road 18Jul81
Calcutta 20Feb89
Calcutta, India, 4Dec96