Jim McDevitt's Chess Exhibit: It's Chess Not Right

We all know Jim McDevitt from his many years in service to COSSU as our Secretary Treasurer. In that capacity, he maintained not only our books and our roll of members, but also our checklists.

There are two checklists. Most of you are familiar with his list of all chess stamps, and the other on chess EFO's which reflected Jim's main collecting interest errors, freaks, and oddities (EFOs).

That Chess EFO checklist first appeared in Chesstamp Review #91 Jun-Sep, 1998, pp. 92-103. It was comiled by Jim, Louis Kish, Jr., Henry Meifert, and by Russell Ott.

Jim served for decades as the EFO Secretary and he maintained a wonderful one-frame chess stamp EFO exhibit, "It's Chess Not Right" . The exhibit achieved a Silver-Bronze at STAMPSHOW9-9

It is that exhibit which appears here. I am posting all of the pages that appeared in that exhibit below, but please permit a summary of the key items in the exhibit and a few comments.

First and foremost, all of the items here will be auctioned in coming issues of COSSU's Chesstamp Review. Only COSSU members may bid and so, if you are interested in taking part, be sure to join our study unit.

Key Items in the Exhibit

The first reported EFO (variety): The "Flyspeck" on Russia's issue of November 20, 1948.

Great Britain Caxton issue of 1976: 10 mm shift of the gold foil Queen's head

Djibouti 1980: Black omitted!

Chad issue of 1983 with albino overprints (fewer than 80 copies exist)

Mongolia 1983: Albino printing

Central African Republic Karpov issue: Missing Black color

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