Groningen Exhibition

by Richard Benjamin

The St. Louis Stamp Expo set an attendance record on its first day. And in the field of 36 exhibits, there were several that were world class.

My exhibit The World Chess Tournament: Groningen 1946 received a Vermeil and hopefully with the judges input it will garner gold at future shows.

It also took the $200 cash prize for the best Missouri exhibit. Here are the pages in the exhibit.

I hope soon to offer in CR 142 an article that will offer some new ideas concerning known covers and the registration label.

I was surrounded by incredible company. On my immediate left was The Five and Ten Cent 1847 Issues - Americas First Postage Stamps by billionaire William Gross. This exhibit, with an estimated worth at 22 million, took the Grand and needless to say attracted a great deal of attention.

To my right the youth exhibit, Farming Through The Ages won the Grand in its respective division.

Here's the exhibit

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