Badgastein, 1948

Jon Edwards

Austria's second chess cancellation commemorates the international chess tournament held in Bagdastein from May 25 through June 20, 1948.

The postmark, Checkmate 22, depicts "The Source of Eternal Youth," the symbol of a health resort in the Austrian town.

Grandmaster Erik Lundin of Sweden won the tournament. He is best known by chess stamp collectors as the inspiration for the position on Sweden's 1985 chess stamp.

The cancellation is commonly seen in black, but it was also issued in red, violet, and green.

Here are some images of the cancel and memorabilia from the Bagdastein event, including the autographs of the competitors and some images of this remarkable town.

From left to right: Romanenko, Rossolimo, Lokvenc, Kottnauer, Bruckner, Palme, Gfatter, Polzer, Benko, Beni, Vranovits, Abrahams, Hanacik, Dorn, Danielsson, Platt, Gereben, Lundin, Wahl, Grunfeld, Muller, Posch, Galia